"dazzle gradually"

"Dazzle Gradually" 2016 poems, paintings, new art & photography--a diary, a discipline, a delight. Read over my shoulder as I post my unedited poetry ---you can see it in the raw.

Polly Alice

Sunday, January 1, 2017


I don't have anything to say to you
despite the wide open
garage doors--
the cherry red car
parked in the starlight,
the frost shushing me
from the Christmas bow
on the white front porch
I don't have much hope for you
You might be a cow pie
You  might be a bird
I don't know
and I'm not sure I care
tomorrow is another day
just like today, what does
one number change?
One integer in one
direction north?
I wish I had flowery praise.
I wish I had a blessing,
to make you great, to make
you whole, to make you
mine. Mind your
manners 2017 is all
I can say. Let the hungry
be satisfied, let the lame
walk, let us hold hands
in peace. 

Saturday, November 12, 2016


driving home from the first class
something changed
the feeling broke

maybe there was the truth
in what I want to do
talk about words

unpack them like suitcases
share them, unfold them
into wings so they can 

November 8/8

It's like waking up to
a gorilla in your house. He'll
break the dishes, and use
your toothbrush to comb
between his toes. 

November 7/7

It's like waking up and
hearing your children
are being taken away from you.
by violence, starvation,
or being sent off to a war
created by filling in ovals
with dry ball point pens. 

November 6/6

It's like waking up
and finding out the planet
only has 30 years to live.
When the oceans go.
What will we breathe?

November 5/5

It's like waking up
after a one night stand
only to find you've been
demoted garbage. Woman.
third class citizen, door mat.
Permanent object for use.

November 4/4

It's like waking up and
finding out it will be
always winter and
never Christmas.