Come in and sit down . . .

2015 has poems, paintings, new art & photography. Feel free to come in and sit down.

In 2010 I wrote a poem a day: blunt misshapen ideas left on this digital desk for anyone to peek over my shoulder. It was a diary, a discipline, and a delight. My two hundred fifty-nine un-edited poems taught me what discipline can do for a person hardwired to notice. I found if I would stop and write a poem, I was free.

Polly McCann

Friday, February 27, 2015

Guest Blogger- "All the King's Men"

Meet my guest blogger. My art student, high school junior, Brooke Bowlin, wrote the following poem after Dorothy Parker's Star Light, Star Bright (1883-1967).

"All the King's Men"

Humanity is fragile.
We fall and we break,
Skin scarred with our cracks
Counting every mistake.

No man can heal another,
It's the blind leading the blind.
I can't fix your pieces
And you can't fix mine.

No man of the King,
Not even His best,
Can ever come close
To saving the rest.

Salvation comes from the King alone--
His overwhelming love
That heals from the throne.

Saturday, February 21, 2015

free poem


i have this burning bravery
this free falling wonder of flying
this walking on water feeling
i have this invisible lasso
i have this transparent port’ole
where my heart should be
because i know you are with me
i know you have great plans for me
because you’ve set me free

not invincible, no armor
just the knowledge that
nothing here will last
and everything will

Sunday, February 8, 2015


I'd like to be Mooseman Bridge
from Valentine Nebraska, my beams
solid Douglas Fir grey as smoke,
my trusses steal, glazed with rust.
Rich in nuts and bolts, a molten rainbow,
A Mooseman Bridge, I'd hold a grizzly 
five tons without bulging a muscle-- 
over air, water, stone each step resounds 
against my barreled chest 
brings you closer--my heart splayed out 
for you to walk across.

Tuesday, January 13, 2015


When you break my heart
it sounds like someone
walking on snow
the sound of a thousand
crystals last breath
but what you don't know
is that Spring is coming.

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Dear Humpty Dumpty

In honor of very nearly finishing my Humpty Dumpty Picture book after almost eight months and a million revisions of sweat and tears, I reposting this poem I found on my own blog from August 2010. Yes sometimes you have no idea what you've written without a search engine.

Dear Humpty Dumpty,
I hear the new style is all in
red velvet cushions for hats
this year.  As you are my 
best egg customer, I've taken 
the liberty of ordering for you
one for each end. They should 
come in next wednesday, I'll 
send the king's horses 
to deliver them.

Mad Hatter

Monday, January 5, 2015


On winter nights around half past ten
the clocks begin to sing their chorus
of clacks. Why so silent all day and
then so boisterous at night, like
a dog that never stops yapping?
And why do the clocks click every
second even without a second hand?
How do they do that? What do clocks
say to one another at night? What
do they talk about? And why
do they speed up every year circling
the holidays like ever nearing vultures
making my head spin. Didn't I just
put these decorations away last week, or
was it last year? Clocks, those
clackers. Gotta love them, even
if they snore at night like my
great Uncle, they are there for
for you every minute of the day.

Art Show January 2015

Cooked up some great illustrations this fall for my portfolio.  Come see them in person at my art show at Smithville Midcontinent Public Library near Kansas City, MO. I called it "Studio Under Glass" because you can catch a glimpse of things from my studio that inspire me, along with new artwork. For directions, check out my website at