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Polly Alice

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Daughter's Dream

Daughter’s Dream

In my dream was a little white dog.
He was sewing himself a little jacket.

I drove a pickle car in a race.
A fox was sneaking around looking for a cake.
He was following a trail of crumbs.

Your mother’s day amaryllis is a
Zena Warrior Princess of a flower
two twin red trumpets on a muscled stalk,
your “lily” blooms.
I can’t comprehend that kind of
primeval muscle from a cup
of tap water, but I underestimate the seed
fist sized, and the sugared sunshine’s
fattening powers.

Your snowman is a chaulky chicklet
copy of my taller one it's stick arms raised in victory.
You've three rolls of wet snow carried fifty
paces in your two gloved hands.
What I don’t get is why you just
throw its head disdainfully
on the ground, but I underestimate the
bigger ball you have ready,
and your creative
force of choice.

You’re my dream weaver, my race winner,
my warrior seed, my destroyer of rotten
attempts.  You will be fine, daughter.

You will be fine.


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