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Polly Alice

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Gentle Reader, You are not gentle

I love the old books from my grandmother's childhood which often started out with a letter from the author.  Often, addressed to "gentle reader." 
Sometimes we are gentle readers and sometimes we are not.  Mostly this title seems to me, to be asking the reader to be gentle--to understand that the author is just human after all, and only hopes to please.  I never hear much about how writing is really about the relationship between writer and reader.  Like the cool counselor at summer camp that everyone wanted, writers who make us feel wanted, useful, special, and talented--and most of all part of that cool group-- are the ones we go back to again and again.

Gentle Reader,
You are not gentle

Gentle Reader,
 you are not gentle.
Skeptic that you are,
you, like me,
do not read poetry.
You write a little,
and recognize
when two roads
diverge in a yellow wood,
but I . . .
I take the road
less traveled by,
and that makes it
impossible to
for us to walk
along together
Robert Frost's Poems
you take it


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