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Polly Alice

Thursday, February 11, 2010

How is Your Family?

I read a description in my MCC cookbook, Extending the Table, about a custom of hospitality I wish the whole world could observe.  In the days of FB, Oh for a real hand to hold and a real question to be asked and answered.  John Donne, a poet in the days of Shakespeare, had six of his children die, and most of his family pass away before him.  "How is your family, How is your health?" were important questions to ask in the days before modern medicine.  I'd love for these questions to come back to today's language.  It's hard to Skype and FB knowing there may be something foundational we are not talking about.  "How is your family?" is a great question when I know people for years and find out they have a mother or grandmother I didn't even know existed.  In the back of their minds is their mother in the nursing home, and we have spoke a hundred times without mentioning her.  What if we remembered them in language first, then we'd find it more natural to bring our mother's and grandmother's back into our lives as well.

I search
I  friend
I find
I lol

I buy tickets
to V___
on EBay

I depart
I fly
I arrive

I am invited
I take off my shoes
I am befriended

I hold a warm towel
I eat cold melon
I answer three questions

How are you?
How is your family?
How is your health?

I stay
I stay
I stay

I leave when
my shoes are clean
and pointed toward
the door.


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