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Polly Alice

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Notes from the Fire #107

Tragedy may give us more to say, or take some of our words away.  I quoted another friend's poem here, "pouring milk into a bowl," because it is so lovely (Watch out for his upcoming blog, http://thewaterrods.blogspot.com/).  Poetry is a great form for grieving.  The Psalms are share grief or joy.  Many start out with a question and come back to a stronger position by the end. Here is an unstudied attempt at my own without the familiar pairings of similar phrases. 

notes from the fire #107

It’s always going to be like this
isn’t it?

New tragedies
every day of the world
I will be making oatmeal
with too much nutmeg,
pouring milk into a bowl,
while another mother’s baby has
just burnt in a house fire.

Our house burned up last June.
Up not down, mind you--
there was a nice shell left.
It only lasted a few minutes,
The yard if full of sprinkled glass.

It was no one’s fault, but we blame
ourselves. We all look fine,
but inside we are covered
in ashes.

Steal way, steal away
steal away to Jesus

What good is Your rainbow
promise in a world of flood
and burning ashes?
I will be wading here in deep water
treading your words--

Now unto him who is able to
keep you from falling . . .
through Jesus Christ our Lord,
be glory . . .now, and forever.

Mennonite women
in white head coverings
speak to me in my dreams.
They are thankful for
Billy and Joey,
for fields of harvest, and
friends over thirty.
I am safe in their circle.

I wake up singing
forever and ever


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