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Polly Alice

Monday, February 22, 2010

Over again

Over again I've had this nightmare:
I go down to the basement.
I find my lost pets,
hamsters mostly, a few turtles.
They are still alive.
They are still in their cages
now green with age.
They have not been fed
for ten, twenty years.
They have evolved into rueful
matted beasts with sharpened teeth.
Each time I am horrified.
I have neglected those I loved the most.
I have forgotten them.
How did they live?
How have they survived?
How to free them safely--
wretched monsters--
they may want revenge.
One night you  are there at 
my annual observation of old pets .
You enter the kitchen.
Creatures hatefully scuttle the floor .
I weep over what to do.  Should I feed them?
Would it help?
You break open the door with a fresh baguette.
They escape out into Parisian cobbled streets.
You say, Let them go.
They have never returned.

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  1. I, too, dream about neglected pets.

    your poems are gifts. thanks.


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