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"Dazzle Gradually" 2017 poems, paintings, new art & photography--a diary, a discipline, a delight. Read over my shoulder as I post my unedited poetry ---you can see it in the raw or get my first book and see how the work evolves with new books rolling out next year.

Polly Alice

Friday, February 12, 2010

Winter Poem 2002

Winter 2002

He rings the frozen pond like a gong
He stirs last summer’s grass to chime
tink ting-rush

He hums a royal blue fugue to the moon
on a blue white night--

Shhh . . .  He silences
every whisker, shirr, and trissle
every creek, pip, and scrunch

I consult his opinion
He,  intern, kisses my cheeks red
with beard scuffed whispers

Listen to his new accent--
the red vine, the wick
grey branch bending in his gail

Here me now in his poem, lost
among all other voices
Here I am waiting

only living if planted in your dark
soul, hoping for a green world of words

Now is the time for peace and rest


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