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Sunday, March 7, 2010

Celery Print

someone said that poems are best with explanations at the beginning.  Most people can't understand poetry without an explanation.  So here is my explanation unwillingly, because
I used to make abstract art--which needed an explanation.  And now I'm writing poetry so that I can skip right to the explanation without having to make the art.  So If I have to explain the poetry too, then I'm back to where I started which is up poetry blog creek without a keyboard----

Explanation: This is a poem about my first thanksgiving as a wife.  I cooked a very good turkey, stuffing and a ton of other good things.  I also stopped to make some fine art with the off cast vegetable clippings.

Celery Print

The first time,
I made stuffing from scratch
with flour, and my own two hands,
for the white dough,

and with great-grandma's
cast iron skillet, for the corn. 
The Joy of Living
virgin on the counter,

I sautéed onions until
their sugared surrender.
The celery--
I sliced clean through.

The spiraled trunk,
stalks swirled into bloom.
I ran with the wet stalk into the studio,
painted it with sepia ink,

and printed it
on 100 percent cotton rag board.
Mingled with metallic iridescent powder,
it ran into shades of peach blossom dusk.

Every year I will
print my celery from the stuffing.
In time, I will build a wall of

Thanksgiving celery prints!

A decade hence is one lone celery print.
A beacon of a good artist's intentions.
Tucked away in my sketchbook
in the storage room

of the basement.


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