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Polly Alice

Monday, March 15, 2010

Easter Again 2004

Easter is just around the corner.  Every year for 10 years, I've written a poem for the Easter basket.  Part questioning theology; part joke; part state of the union address, this tradition is my favorite of the year.  To see the first Easter Basket poem visit March 14th.

Easter Again 2004

It’s Easter again,
and so I clean the bathroom
in case we have visitors.

Laura Croft, Tomb Raider goddess, wishes us
a Happy Good Fiday
as she looks for her father
on our twelve inch screen.

Thankfully we’ve already found
our Heavenly Father--
at least we try to believe every day
he took on skin and bone in utero
only to pop out Son of Man”
“King of the Universe.”

The grave held him
for three days,
two hundred eighty.

On this Easter Sunday
the Father holds us.
I’m glad. . . no,
overflowing with joy,
to spend my life with you
sharing M&Ms out of this basket.

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