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Polly Alice

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Francais Gris

Writing this poem in French may hide its poorer qualities and accent my lack of understanding dans la langue de francais, mais J'espere it painted the picture of another gray day.  Gris or gray also means colorless in French.  French gray is that extraordinary color that changes between blue, gray, and green depending on the colors around it or the time of day. 

Gris Francais

 La Pluie c'est comme tes yeaux
La terre, comme ta barbe
La mousse, plus verte que toute la monde
Je, comme l'aire, Je suis en plein milleu des arbres
planais revers du buillard

French Gray

The rain it's like your eyes
The earth, like your beard
The moss, more green than anything
I, like the air, I am between the trees
floating behind the mist.

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