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Polly Alice

Friday, March 19, 2010

Last Easter

Last Easter in PA 2007

It’s Easter today,
and my poem is short
because we have a toddler.
But she is sweet with chocolate
at the corners of her mouth.

We missed the Maundy Thursday
service this year
where the beautiful old brethren sing
and wash each other’s feet. 
But we were with family.

I read the foot washing story to Sophie.
She stared at picture of Jesus kneeling.
But how could her Christmas baby Jesus grow
up so quickly?

Good Friday we returned from a long trip
in search for a new home.
You were depressed at the church service
which is about darkness and death anyway.
But I understand you want more purpose
in your life. You want to be empowered to
help others grow from darkness to light.

Saturday we had pizza with enough cheese
 to cancel our Lenten fast early.
But we ate it at Good Neighbors. 
Where the verse on the menu quotes,
I am the bread of life.
Even pizza which we tear through quickly
and to the full, is like his body
that was broken for us.

Sunday is Easter. 
And today I get up early to make Rye
Bread for your father.
I add in the yeast
If only our spirits would rise up
like this bread, soaring  on easter egg wings
into the new dawn.

It’s Easter,
 and so we go to our last service
at the old church-- to say good bye. 
My artwork will be there. 
Not much will be said about the192
square feet of hand painted silk
—it’s only decoration.

We will come home again to family
and move on to a view
with more elbow room.

Let’s take Jesus with us
when we move.

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