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Polly Alice

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Night Poems

"My mind has a tornado in it
and a harmonica man,
and a whole city
under the moon."

A few lines from a short children's poem titled My Heart Is a Cricket by by Susan Marie
Swanson from her book Getting Used to the Dark: 26 Night Poems. Hearing her speak at
Hamline University last summer was extraordinary.  She opened up true life, personal stories
from her heart about life as a writer and as a human.  Working on my own poetry these last three
months has given me new sight into the beauty of her poetry.  I enjoy the childish wonder of nature
Susan Marie Swanson voices in her poems, and they are some of the same themes I'd like to write
for children too.  Her recent book, In the Night House,  won the Caldecott award for illustration, a childhood dream of mine.  Now I'd be happy just to write a good poem myself that could inspire such beautiful illustration.
Here is my poem below:

Night Poem

Night sleeps on top of quadled covers
she curls around the lump that is my feet
I hear her purr

Night jumps off the bed after I'm asleep
with a soft frumpity scat
she's sneaking away, I know her

Night creeps under the black shadow
of the moon blist
eyes glowing eerily greener

Night breathes in the wandering wilds,
the spik-ed grass,
and every sleeping flower

Night returns in the musked dawn
back to the braided kitchen rug
to dream hour upon hour

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