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Polly Alice

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Seed of Fire

Part of a new poem appears below about our house fire last year.  The artwork is called "and the fire did not touch them..." from an art show in 2002.  I am working on a second book of poetry with the same title, Seed of Fire.

Seed of fire


In the cool cellar, under light
of a high half window,
I pull out marigold seeds from the pips--
Thin black lashes rimmed in terra cotta,
they sift through my fingers like the ashes
from the summer fire.
Their scent rises like smoke,
a sweet trust of their
former cingent glow.


Baby and I trumped through winter mud.
I tugged the marigold tree out by her roots
swung the bramble like a reliquery of incense
threshing the sweet heads.
Seeds filled the air with yellow confetti
Seeds stuck to my red wool coat, the color of marigolds
until my buttons sprouted heads like red suns.
Seeds in our hair and on our faces,
over the whole garden.
Seeds awash with flame,
seeds survived by fire,
seeds of humble power,
seeds for every lost hour.

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