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Polly Alice

Thursday, March 18, 2010

First Easter 2006

The third in my series of annual poems 

First Easter (2006)

It’s Easter,
and so we go to church.
We dress the baby in little
white shoes with flowers.

Today we will take home
an Easter Lily.
I will plant it in the flower bed
next to the bleeding hearts.

Jesus bled for us, and
by his stripes we are healed.

I will bake the Easter bread
with orange, poppy seed,
and white sugar

I will braid the cords of dough
into a crown with Easter eggs
instead of thorns.

Soon six years will have passed
like one long childhood summer
full of adventures,
scrapes, and burns.

Today here in your Easter
basket will be this poem. 
my poem,
just to say
all is well in the world
when I’m with you.

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