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Polly Alice

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter Basket 2009

Easter 2009

Today is Easter and
so I will vacuum the carpet at
my very own yoke yellow house.
We get everything ready,
 because the cousins are coming over.

Christ died for us and rose again
and so our Easter baskets, like our hearts
 are full to the brim with sweets.

My heart is happy and my fridge
runs over with a dozen hard boiled eggs.
We will all hide candy and find it again,
because life is sweet today,
and all God’s gifts are good gifts.

Christ suffered, left the world,
and descended into hell
leaving his burial clothes behind . . .

When he came back, he was wearing clothes
Where did they come from? 
I guess they came from God’s mall. 
Today I have a new outfit too:
a sweater that's robin's egg blue.

Our hope is full like the cup of coffee
you made me for breakfast.

I love you
and I  thank you

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