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Polly Alice

Thursday, April 29, 2010

I found my locker

In my dream I'm always
back in high school.
I'm about to fail Physics
then I can't graduate.
I've skipped every single class
all year.
I know nothing,
and there is a test coming,
or maybe I've already missed it?

I can't find my locker because
I've never used it,
and that is where the fateful
Physics and Math books are located.
Somehow if I don't graduate
all my life in the future will be erased,
and I will be stuck back
here in highschool trying to
graduate--so I must find my locker,
but school is out and it
is too late...

Today I dreamt
that my Catholic friend showed me my locker.
It was easy to find because
someone left a light on inside,
I can see it glowing through
the cracks.
There is a secret button to
open it.  Ahhh. 
I always knew that girl
was smart, even smarter than her twin
Inside are five textbooks,
the ones I've looked for in
dozens of dreams.

Wait there is
a hidden panel!
An entire little room---
What's in there?
My old jacket,
a child's rocking chair,
some old burnt up things.
It's time to go to class,
I'll just leave the light on
in this room,
so I can find this locker again.

Here's the classroom.
Wait there is a sub.
And it's not Physics,
it's Literature.

If there's anything I can fake
after not attending class all
year it's this.
I'm saved.

This will be easy.

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