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Polly Alice

Tuesday, June 29, 2010



Attention Deficit Disorder,
he said when the graph of my test results
glowed red off the chart--
apparently, I have trouble attending...

attendance...explains why I skipped
almost every ethics class in college,
because the professor had arm pit
stains on his shirts...

Oh, what were you saying?
Yes, you were right I have ADD...

D...Dusty...This is really the
most dusty office I've ever been in.
I had to wipe off the keys of the keyboard
before the computer test.  Then I couldn't
find a trash can to put them in... That's probably
why I failed the test---besides trying to
read all the sticky notes on his desk, and then
sitting in the chair trying to type backwards...

Oh, what were you saying?
Yes, I will have to take this prescription in
to my regular doctor...

Doctor...Eye Doctor...This guy has
extremely thick glasses.  My glasses are new
and I'm not used to them yet which means
I can't really see with them or
without them.  At least I can hold my head
up.  An why does he have that strange
bug collection on the wall--freaks me out--
stink bugs?  Does that signify something?...

Oh, what were you saying?
Am I embarrassed about having ADD?
Of course not.  It means I'm
an absolute genius.  Do you
know what kind of grades I got in school?...

Imagine what I could have done
if I had been able to actually listen to what
the teacher was saying?  I could
have been as smart as Steven Hawkings--
worked equations inside out and backwards.
I would rich and famous and my house would
be a fabulous terra cotta roofed mansion in...

Oh, what were you saying?
Yes, time to go home.
Thank you for your time.

Now what all did he say?

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