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Polly Alice

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Cafeteria food forever

I spent a lot of time in college
just wishing that for once
I could--
sit on a couch
eat home cooked food
hear a dog bark
play with kids
walk in the suburbs--on a sidewalk
get married
have a garden
and get on with my life

Fourteen years later,
I spend a lot of time
just wishing that for once
I could--
live in a dorm
never wash dishes
use a bathroom I don't clean
eat at a cafeteria forever
be by myself
walk somewhere besides the suburbs
be by myself
spend every night with friends
and get on with my life

In summary,
I've decided Heaven therefore
cannot possibly be the place where I get
exactly what I've always wanted.
Instead it will actually
be when I'm
thankful for what I
already have.

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