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Polly Alice

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

First Anniversary of the Day the House Burned Down

That's it.  Tomorrow.  It's the last day of June.
I've done everything I did last year-- most of the
spring cleaning anyway--
I killed the weeds in the driveway with vinegar,
oiled the doors with DW40, so they won't squeak,
started to clean the guest bedroom, planted herbs,
weeded the garden--some of it--,
washed the windows, and the car...
Was this the recipe for disaster?
Here's what I won't do on the burnaversary--
leave the kids alone.
What I have mind to do:
Gather that old Christmas Santa out of the freezer,
the Easter Candy off the top of the fridge,
the Valentine Candy out of the TV drawer,
and take them all out in the yard and throw them
at the house one piece at a time.
I will announce that not everything
from this year was burnt or spoiled
some of it was sweet.
The sugar will melt into the hot July soil
and grow a candy tree.
We will safely sit here,
year after year,
letting only sweet things
drop into their mouths from
now on.

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