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Polly Alice

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Four Seasons in Kansas City

Spring starts between February and April
with the introduction of ice storms.
Thick Popsicles of clear ice
over brown grass, gray twigs, and
your elderly neighbors driveways
where they will most definitely slip
and break their hips, because
they must not ask for help getting the paper,
and they have to read the paper to find
out about the ice storms.
The ice storms knock over the trees
which knock over the wires so there is 
no electric heat periodically or light.
The ice storms are followed by tornadoes,
real ones, imaginary ones, televised ones,
movie ones, nightmare ones, barely-missed-you
The tornadoes coincide with the hail storms,
green wicked witch of the west winds,
thunder storm watches and warnings,
and runnings to the basement
with a flashlight.
After tornadoes die down,
there are more thunder storms
followed by heat, heat lightening,
mosquitoes, and humidity.
Summer starts at ninety degrees and moves
up to around a hundred.
Humidity is followed by 
drought, but it's still humid mind you.
Autumns is when the leaves dry up 
and fall down brown from lack of rain,
they sort of just burn up.
Winter comes,
brown, cold, dry
and desolate with white skies
and a bit of peace before 
the thunder rumbles
back to bully
everyone again.
This explains why everyone
has to talk about the weather all
the time, it's a matter of
survival, one.  Two, it
explains why the Midwest Anxiety
Center regularly advertises
televised attention to
their services. 
I'll call if you will.

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