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Polly Alice

Thursday, June 10, 2010

How to make broth

How to make broth

Broth is easy to make and hard to mess up.
It's a cross between painting watercolor and making Kool-aid.
You experiment with the color you want.
Asion style broth has lemon, ginger, and garlic for a yellow color.
My usual broth has a nice gold color from chicken and carrots.
Today my broth is made from all the slightly wilted veggies in the drawer.
One pack of old mushrooms, destemmed, makes the broth very dark,
One small very old, red cabbage, just the center part, adds some reddish purple to the mix,
One oddly shapped carrot, adds some sunny orange,
Two homegrown leeks, add a touch of green,
parsley, thyme, and oregano from the garden make it fancy,
and one large white turnip, because what do you do with a turnip anyway?
Salt the water, give it a boil, simmer for an hour, or until everything is soft.
You'll have a dark amber, clear, liquid--fragrant and ready
to be mixed in with your special "anniversary leek and potato soup."
Yes that was the day when one potato convinced you to marry into the McCann family.
That's another story...

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