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Polly Alice

Friday, June 4, 2010

Making Spagetti

Making Spaghetti or Morning Sickness III

1.  Put baby straight from bed into car seat
2.  Drop husband off at work
3.  Go to Wal-Mart
4.  Throw up in parking lot
5.  Change baby's diaper and dress in car
6.  Buy Groceries and don't forget spaghetti,
     liquid plumber, and milk***
7.  Answer call from Plumber
8.  Answer call from Babysitter
9.  Feed baby breakfast of donuts from box
10.  Rush Home
11.  Carry bags in from car, then to kitchen, put away in fridge etc.
12.  Forget to put spaghetti away, defrost hamburger in sink
13.  Change a load of laundry
14.  Run to the basement for something
15.  Find baby dumping dry spaghetti all over the floor near plumbing problem
16.  Call plumber again
17.  Call insurance again
18.  Call plumber again
19.  Call plumber again
20.  Make lunch for everyone
21.  Feel sick, do the dishes
22.  Feel sick, throw up
23.  Feel sick, do more dishes
25.  Make pasta sauce, put in crock pot, forget to turn on
24.  Turn crock pot on high, drag self and two kids back to the store
25.  Push the cart and let kids run behind for exercise
26.  Let the kids put candy and cookies in the cart and chew on taffy in wrapper
27.  Remember to get liquid plumber, eggs, and ....?
28.  Spaghetti! Go back and get it
29.  Check out--get a 7-up
30.  Put everything in car
31.  Drive out of parking lot, lose sippy cup in store
32.  Pick up husband
33.  Take husband home, present "The spaghetti sauce is ready see!"
34.  Prepare salad and fresh strawberries while screaming at kids
35.  Let kids help prepare garlic bread (forget the garlic at the store)
36.  Set table, find daughter covering bread with layers of salt, put bread in stove
35.  Forget something?
36.  Boil the spaghetti! While everyone else eats hot bread and salad.
37.  Eat spaghetti with sauce, salad and bread--an entire meal with sides!
38.  Decide to randomly hoe the garden, water the garden, so kids will play outside
39.  Collapse from exhaustion, let husband run bath for kids
40.  Scrub down kids wash hair with strawberry shampoo
41.  Really collapse
42.  Let husband put kids to bed.
43.  Feel sick, watch TV
44.  Feel sick, watch DVD of TV
45.  Feel sick
46.  Throw up entire dinner
47.  Tidy bathroom, brush teeth
48.  Take a shower, wash hair
49.  Put on pajamas
50.  Eat pretzels, drink milk
51.  Go to bed


  1. and that doesn't even include all you were doing on the INSIDE...
    "growing NEW baby"!

  2. I remember the craziness. With me it was sweep the floor, sweep the floor, sweep the floor and did I mention, sweep the floor. Loved the poetry. Beth


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