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Polly Alice

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Morning Sickness IV

This is my third pregnancy,
so for five years I've either been
nauseous, breast feeding, leaking from somewhere
or carrying a baby or was leaking from somewhere.
Since this is my second pregnancy in this area
I've thrown up all over Kansas City--
at grandmother's nursing home,
yes, at the Wal-mart,
on the side of the road,
in trash cans etc, etc.
And if I wasn't leaking from somewhere
you can bet I was crying--
at the sad song on the radio,
or in Marshall's, or coffee shop/ guitar only podcast at Taco Bueno,
at just about anything or anywhere.
That is why when I get to Heaven
I'm expecting an apology to all women.
Like Toyota, I'm sure God will finally have to admit
there was a problem.
There will be a little plaque somewhere
saying there is a recall on all women.
And in so many words, God will apologize for
all the leaky parts he designed in our model.
I'm sure he'll explain why it was necessary,
but the best part is we will all get new parts.
And the Bible backs me up on this.
In Revelation it says we will
all be wearing new "white" clothes.
This is obviously because it will be the first time
with the new anti-leaking parts
that this will be humanly possible.

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