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Polly Alice

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Morning sickness

Someone told me there are
many odes to the wonder of the womb
and new life arising.
I guess I missed those.
I'd add another
except I've never had room to feel this way.
For my womb was too busy
on each of my one hundred twenty days
attacking me with a nausea
strong enough to make me
drop every lid I unscrew,
forget every word that comes through,
dream a hundred nights of ship wrecked seas
of water logged puddles and
cafeteria line sprees,
forget how to sleep,
eat and do
most anything I used to do.
Morning sickness is a funny joke
for I'm sick all day, all night
and in between.
Please forgive my lack
of rosey glow--
I'm green through
and through
wondering how much
puking one
can actually

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