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Polly Alice

Friday, July 30, 2010

Free Garden

Free Things in My Garden 2010

This was the summer of free plants
in my garden.  I didn't buy them,
I didn't get them as gifts,
they grew on their own. 
Here they are in a sort of reverse order:

-One Cinderella Pumpkin vine
sprung out of the compost-- with huge
orange blossoms like a morning dose
vitamin C, it's curling spirals cuter
than pig tails or goldilocks locks

-Morning Glories vined up the fence,
born from last years seed pods, the ones we popped all snowy winter,
now blooming azure, fuscia, and white,
cresting in a slow wave
of heaping tendrils

-Two large dragon headed
Sunflowers, free of charge.  Their
unlooked for sunrise framed
each side of the back stoop,
a gift from birds we fed
during the freeze

-Flowering perennials
spread from the neighbors yard,
roots and seeds honoring no human
fence.  A burst of lilac for unnamed

-Zinnia and Marigold seeds
harvest from last year, spread on the wing
of a muddy spring, bushed into
sparks of red, orange, and magenta

-An arm of the Rose bush, long dead,
dark red, green arrowed leaves
attesting to determined life

-Two white Puffball Mushrooms,
edible, wicked overnight, six inches tall,
by a blind July morning's
air wizarding fungus behind
steaming windows

-A dozen yellow Day Lilies
courtesy of  R&S Lawn,
paid for by the fire insurance

-Red tulips popping up
39 in all, six arriving where
I planted four, four appearing
where I planted only two--
division by multiplication
mysterious mitosis under
the earth

-Dandelions, of course,
died out after the spring,
their roots ready for roasting,
their winged fruit full of seeds
unremembering of their
Mayflowern bearers who
carefully kept them safe
through the long winter

-Purple violets, plantains,
crab grass, pickle grass,
thistles, miniature daisies,
and other weedy types

-ivy's, vines and
old onions from last
fall. We were very thankful,
very thankful for it all.

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