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Polly Alice

Thursday, August 19, 2010


Obvious clues overlooked which point to Attention Deficit Disorder:

1.  Pop up the toast three times before it's toasted
2.  hot tea is cold--again
3.  eat a snack to get energy-- five times a day
5.  try to remember middle name
6.  write any old date on checks or letters
7.  skip retying shoes
8.  skip putting shirt on right side out
9.  skip checking hair before leaving house
10.  Leave garage door up---again
11.  leave cupboards, drawers, and doors open--again
12.  Find fun leftovers, skip recipe
13.  leave out baking powder--again
14.  skip laundry, can't find basket
15.  write a note in a hurry---can't read it
16.  read a book in a hurry--can't remember it
17.  watch mysteries over and over--who did it?
18.  clean whole house, or none at all
19.  cook ten things, or none at all
20.  do a dozen projects, or none at all
21.  reorganize drawer, forget original thing needed
22.  ask children to help, forget question
23.  try to turn on CD to relax, never make it to that side of room
24.  try to get glass of water, never get glass
25.  try to find glass of water, lose it
26.  ...., interrupt everyone else in mid-sentence
27.  interrupt yoursel...what?
28.  forget to take Ginko for memory aid
29.  forget to take stuff for memory?  Ginseng?
29.  forget to take herb with a G name?
30.  go to vitamin store and forget to buy that herb for memory

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  1. I've done about...um, a bunch of these... I feel your pain.


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