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Polly Alice

Monday, August 2, 2010

Dear Benny Hinn

Dear Benny Hinn,

I know it all started with tongues of fire,
orthodoxies, protestations, proclamations,
then quakers, shakers,
and movers.

Now when everyone gathers,
you raise your hand, and people just fall down--
"Slain in the Spirit," is such an odd term
instead of murder, it feels like a lullaby, a
nap time with all those soft blankets lain over
bodies lying randomly on the floor
like so much laundry.
People really just need a rest.

Anyway, it must be tough for you.  Right? 
How do you decide who to pray for healing for,
or when to stop praying for them?
What if Anita, who presses your white suits,
gets sick, or even dies, will you raise her
back from that free coin laundry in the sky?
Would you make her take her job back
after she was so excited
about her permanent vacation?

Anyway, I wanted to let you know it's okay.
At your conference, thirty-eight people
fell on our left, a hundred on our right.
They were like the dry ground, an arrowed
path, and the rest of the crowd, the Red Sea.
You were like Moses standing in the gap,
and we-- We were just flags among the fallen.

I'm not worried about it anymore--
I've been told, "The Spirit is all over us."
Besides, you didn't fall down either.
I mean what would happen if
every time God showed up
we all needed a nap?  Some of us
have got to keep our sea legs and
pull the sails up. 

I'm writing to let you know, not to
worry.  When you finally
lay down to rest under a beautiful
white cloth--
We're the next generation--
and some of us are
still standing.

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