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Polly Alice

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Myth bushes

This poem is dedicated to my best friend from elementary school, Eric Haag, who died in May of 2010 at age 32.  He was a gifted performing artist and filled his life with good things.

Myth Bushes

Come with me through a black door, through
Alice's rabbit hole, or the raven's nevermore...

Through a long tunnel, filled with white light,
to place where we've already won the long, good fight. 

Where the tree of life stands with fruit all year long, and everyone sings in tune, if they care to sing along.

Crack open myths growing on bushes,
and chew on their meats while lounging on cushions.

Cruise in winged chariots of fire,
or make a guitar with the strings of a lyre.

Rock down the house on a golden paved street,
and find a fast friend in anyone you meet.

Run with the eagle's speed, soar in the dawn,
borrow Jacob's ladder of angels to help hang
your Christmas lights on.

Rent wings from the flight booth, and take them for a spin,
Play the lottery, cause everyone wins.

Redecorate your mansion with purple silk threads,
never worry about carbs, because everyone eats life bread.

Pick a new horse in red, white or green; they can all fly
and they have coats with a shiny sheen.

Find comfy sandals that always fit right,
and save us a place at the feast-- just sit tight.

Because we'll be their soon and see you on stage,
when the preface stops, and we finally turn the page

to the place where life starts and the good times begin,
when all fear dies, and this shadow world ends.

When reality starts, and the pretend is forgiven.


  1. Yes! Yes! Yes! This is heaven!

  2. I especially love the lottery line. What a fun place it is.


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