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Polly Alice

Friday, August 13, 2010

Old Poem

One of my first ever poems written for a class, in Feb. of 1999.

Jacob's Song
Who are you God?
How can I climb up to you?

I am low,
and weak as a child.

I am yearning for something
hunger consumes me
like fire in the pit of my stomach.

Send me a ladder, Oh God,
Lift me on your wing.

I wrestle with your ways,
higher than my own.

Teach me to climb,
to stand on your rock.

Lord, You are not always silent,
My fathers heard your voice.

Strip away the mud from my eyes
so I will not be blind.

Lord, come like thunder.
Reveal yourself to me.

Show me your power,
the tower of your strength.

And I will climb to you.

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