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Polly Alice

Monday, August 9, 2010


short nursery rhymes--Thanks to my kindergartner who helped me write these.

Great-Big spider went up the water spout
down came the water and washed the spider out.
Up he ran, but the spider hid in vain,
cause the Great Big spider was washed away again.

Spider, Spider run as fast as you can,
If we can't get you the bug man can.
Spider, Spider go away.
We'll see you some other day.

Spider, Spider we hate you,
eat some bubbles and shampoo too.

I don't want ants in my pants,
I don't want ants in my pants,
but boy can I dance.
boy can I dance.

Ants in a line, Ants in a row,
getting away with my sugar
in tow.

Ants stomp.
Ants stamp.
Ants. cha cha

Roly polies you're so good
Roly polies you're so cool
you can roll up in ball
your the nicest of them all.

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