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Polly Alice

Sunday, August 22, 2010


Dear Peter,
I finally went down to the US today.  I've been to Canada Theta, and Portland Province, but nothing
prepared me for what I experienced.  It's like a third world country.  I mean they are still using styrofoam disposables, there is no public transportation of any kind, and it was just strange.  Well let me tell you the whole thing--You know how we had to study the American Reformation in grade school?  I never
really paid that much attention.  Well I was visiting my mom's aunt, and she took me to church on Monday.  I wasn't too surprised about the Monday thing, but when we drove past the UnCatholic Church and the UnLutheran Church on one corner, then across from the UnMethodist church we pulled into the UnBaptist parking lot, I started remembering those stories from social studies class. 
Inside the church, things looked fairly normal--though there were a whole lot of stained glass windows, statues, and odd cross stitch murals of twenty first century saints on the walls--  It was the styrofoam that got me.  There were five hundred people in the building that day, each one ran over each other to get to
these huge jelly filled donuts, eaten on styrofoam plates, then drank Reformation Tea out of styrofoam cups, I saw several people throw away their first cup to get a fresh one.  Just think about it Peter, that's 1,000 pieces of styrofoam per Monday in this one UnBaptist church; 4,000 on this one block in this one town.  How many pieces on one Sabbath Monday in this whole country, who could say, and how much does that add up to in a year?  I'll have to go through detox before I come home.  I guess they aren't worried about the planet, because they think we live in some sort of post apocalypse age.  I'm not sure?  Do you remember anything about it.  Send me your old notes if you still have them. Thanks.
We'll I have to run, we're off to eat out at the Olive Martyr restaurant, let's hope they use dishes (I haven't seen any vegetables yet either, so I doubt I'll be eating olives).  I tell you about the rest later.


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