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Polly Alice

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Dear Louisa

Happy October to my gentle readers.  How sorry I am that the year is closing.  I feel like I just started my poem a day.  I still don't feel like I've gotten past the drivel to the great poems underneath yet.  I may have to do another year.  In honor of All Saints Day approaching, I think I will write to my favorite authors long gone...

Dear Louisa,
You know your like an older sister to me,
and the best I could ever ask for.
Whenever I miss you, I read some
of your stories while I soak
a pot of beans and then
I cook them to smithereens--
Boston style, with dark brown bread.
You were the one
who taught me how to get
by on imagination and a thread.
You let me know what
beauty looks like when it is
If only you were here we
could have some together,


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