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Polly Alice

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Dear Sari

8th Maize, 2810

Dear Sari,

Dune took me up on top of one of the Maize SkyReacher's last night.  He stole a pass card from his brother whose been promoted to top janitor.  I didn't think we'd make it past the scanners, but Dune knew some trick and then we were in the elevators going up thousands of floors.  This was one of the old ones.  It was so tall, all the lights from the city were below us.  Did you know that the sky is sort of an inky blue at night?  I had no idea.  I guess they don't mention those kinds of things in youth school.  I was hoping he'd finally talk to me about whether he's going away after this season.  But we forgot everything else when this huge circle of light rose up out of the floor of the glass elevator...
I'm writing to tell you that it really is true.  I've seen if for myself.  There is such a thing as a "moon", and the night sky is full of tiny little lights called stars.  They are nothing to the city lights.  But they remind me of your freckles. 
Remember when we were girls and you said you loved me so much, you'd follow me to the moon and back?  You told me the moon was in a small Maize station in South America.  Silly.  Its not.  Its a big--We'll it's a big glowing ball in the sky.  Dune says its like a little planet I guess-- like a small garage next to a house-- if Earth were a house that is. 
I don't know if we'll ever go back there again to see it.  It might be too dangerous to steal the pass card again.  But now I wish I could go back and tell that batty old teacher we had in fourth grade that he forgot to mention something as huge as A MOON in our Earth Science class.  Well we really only learned about growing corn that year, right?  And every year since...  But just think of it, Sari.  This explains tons of things that we do and say every day.  Remember great granny always used to refer to her mooncyle.  You always thought she had some sort of special two wheeler until I told you what "that time of the month" meant.  Then there's those Moom Calendars everyone uses to predict the weather.  I bet that used to refer to the moon, until everyone forgot it was there.  I mean that SkyReacher must have been over five hundred years old.  I really have no one else to tell.  I don't think anyone would believe me.  Most people think stars are a myth, what would they say to a moon?
Well that's life here on this side of the River.  Write me back when Con City's Harvest is over and tell me all the news.
your cousin,

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