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Polly Alice

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Fence Post

Here is a poem from my grandfather's point of view from a story I think I heard once...but I don't remember where.

I remember the spot exactly.
It was by the old east gate.
It was the Spring of 1930.
I was leaning on a fence post,
looking out at the dusk
and I heard God's voice
as clear as if he was standing
right next to me.
George, he said.  I want
you to be a minister.
I didn't ask any questions.
The very next day I
asked to speak at my
high school commencement.
When the time came, I spoke
as loudly and clearly as I could
about what I intended to do with my life--
How I wanted to serve the Lord.
Of course, they were all very surprised.
Everyone thought I was such a shy,
quiet kind of boy.  No one
knew I could speak publicly.
At home that afternoon
for Dinner, my sisters
said they couldn't be happier.
It had been Mother's dying
wish, they said.
They seemed uncertain how to
treat me, as if I'd become a man
overnight.  Vi asked me
to carve the roast.  I held
the knife in my hand steadily
and cut to the sound of the meat
separating and gently falling to the platter.
Then I passed out the slices
with a joke for everyone.
They laughed more loudly
that day than I ever remember.
I guess everyone was relieved
to know I was still my
old self.

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