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Polly Alice

Friday, September 24, 2010

Ode to Cast Iron

Cast iron pots are indescructable,
there handles never fall off.
I've gone through five sets of pots n' pans
in ten years, but Great Grannies, cast
iron still holds out.
There's no toxic Teflon to scrape into your
scrambled eggs--
just iron, which you need anyway.
Cast iron pots are black, and invitingly
shiny, if you grease them with with olive oil
and let it season in the oven.
They work well for bacon,
they make good deep dish pizza or bread.
Cast iron pots can never let you down
they will never wear out.
Use them over a fire,
on an electric range, or
even a weapon against the deranged.
Cast iron pots are a wonder of an ancient
age.  What would I do if
everything were as useful
as a cast iron pot?

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  1. Vanna White was talking about cast iron pots on TV last night and how good they are for you...to cook with.


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