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Polly Alice

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Alzheimer Words on Grandm'a 88th Birthday

Hello Grandma!

Why hello there!
It's been so long that...I seen you...on the airplane?

Yes, I haven't been able to come up for a while,
but here we are.  Me and the baby.  We don't have to come
on the plane anymore.

She's .... She's.... She's and she's so... and isn't it....

Yes, you're right he's getting big.  But this isn't my daughter, she's in school now.  She couldn't come today.  This is my son and he looks just like his sister.  You're right.  Can you say hi to Grandma?

....Oh, he's being.... and he's... look at him....he he hmmm.

Yes, he's being shy.  Oh he's playing peek-a-boo with you.

Look at Grandma's doll.  What a great doll and look at her nice dress.

Of course, I just knew you wuz comin' and so I.... set her... just lek that... just so.

And you got her all dressed up real nice too.  And you look nice too.

Well this is... is.... and its not....

I can fix it for you, the button is in the wrong place?  Let's start over.  There.  How's is that?

.....uh huh....hmm.

Do you want me to read your cards to you?

Well sure... if....

Happy Birthday Aunt Eleanor...

Yes, I and there... Happy Birthday..... I see it.... right there....

And I only got one card....

I'm sorry I didn't bring you one.  I didn't think you'd be able to read it.
But we came anyway.  Let's sing Grandma a song...

How is.... How is?  And what is she.... and what......?
Mom is doing fine.  She got a new job and she likes it very much.

Oh, that's so nice.  She likes it huh?
Yes.  She does.

That's nice.  And.....And....
S is in school and my sister is getting married to a very tall doctor.

Awe.  I remember when she was....

Yeah, now she's all grown up and she loves to make cakes.
I bet you'll have cake today for your birthday.

Well now, I don't know.  I don't......  ...n,er know.
Well hopefully. 

And we've gotta go get the baby some lunch and a nap.
But we'll come back soon.

Next time.... Next time... .... ... under ... and then.... under...

Yes, that would be nice.  We could take the baby to the park like
we used to do with his sister.  That would be nice and he could climb
under everything and over everything.  On a nice day we'll do it.


Good bye, Grandma.  We love you. 

Bye, Hon...


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