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Polly Alice

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Eden Diaries 2

Well, you know, way back
and I mean way way back,
Eve and I were married.  That
was over eight hundred years ago
now.  People say she never existed,
she was just a myth-- a goddess.
Well they were never married to
her.  Seemed like we were born
married somehow.  I don't
remember my childhood at all.

I was president of Eden.  It
was one of the most wonderful
organizations, if not the most
wonderful organization, I've
ever belonged to.  I was the
president and it was my job
to name or catalogue...
well everything.

I mastered every language
of every animal species and
through their descriptions about
themselves I was able to
give them names according to
a specific cross referencing system.

Of course, there was that honeymoon
period where Even and I spent
days by the sea, or finding
new edible fruit trees in the
valleys.  She was so beautiful
and there really was nothing
else like her.  It seems
to me now that she sort of
glowed at times, she was
almost more like a plant
than a human.  She would
sprout flowers from her hair,

Oh, then there were the children.
I never did figure out where
she got them all.  Hundreds
would turn up and she would take
them all in.  I hired some
nannies to take care of them
and teach them human language.

Funny, in my memory
children grew up in about a
year back then, full grown.
They seem to take about sixty now,
don't even get married til sixty-five.
You probably think I've gone
"kid" in the head.  But I'm
very sure of it.

Well you know most everything
was destroyed in the first world war
and my memory was never the same
That was after Eve started her
snake cult.  Funny there weren't any
snakes in Eden, I remember.  We did
have lizards with little legs, but not snakes.
Now there are thousand, you can't go
one day without the newspaper telling
about another deadly bite on some
poor farmer...

Where was I?  Oh, Eden...well
we had resettled then to another
area right after I had been getting
wrapped up more and more
into writing a book of ethical codes
based on my long walks in the garden
at night reflecting on the teachings
of nature.  Well after we moved, we
hardly saw each other
for a hundred years.  I had taken
a few other wives and Eve thankfully
stopped bringing out those batches of
infants from the forest. 

All the familes in the area
had pretty much settled into two tribes,
hunters and gatherers.  The hunters called
themselves Cain, and the gatherers, Able.
The farming techniques in Able were
coming along,so that we has almost as much
as we did in Eden.  --Of course Eden
had been so advanced, everything grew
without our help...

I remember there were no weeds or thorns,
not one.
I never was stung by a bee.  Oh, and my
favorite pet was this lion I named Garett.  I
felt closer to him than anyone on Earth. 
He understood everything I said, and
I fancied I understood him as well.
Funny, he never bothered the sheep
or the children.
Now days we have hunting parties,
we are trying to make them extinct.  I
wonder what happened to the animals.
They aren't friendly like they were once.

Eden was purely vegetarian, but now
I don't feel bad eating venison or lamb
now and then...  Animals here
are really so dumb, they have to
be completely taken care of in every way
and they never understand a word you
say....Oh, what was I saying....

In Able, yes, there was some kind of
feud out in the fields, I don't know what
happened.  The war lasted for years.
We called that valley 'field of blood'
and everyone left alive settled in

Now, Babble... Babble is
the best organization I've ever belonged to.
They have vision.

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