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Polly Alice

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Eden Diary 2- part two

      Well... I can answer you question by telling you a little more about the first world war.  This was, of course, between the people of Able and the people of Cain.  Cain wanted to use all the land for livestock and Able wanted to have vineyards and orchards and farms.  They couldn't agree to divide it up in any way that suited both of them, because of the access to the rivers.  It didn't rain very often then.  There was a "rainy season" as we called it, but it was more of a damp season that anything to worry about.
     Now, in Eden, -- no it is not a myth-- it never rained.  It misted.  That was so annoying, and it was one of the main reasons we left.  You can imagine living in a place that is so hot you can't wear any clothes, then on top of that it mists all the time.  I was constantly damp and miserable.  Since it was a kind of nature reserve, and we were there to study the animals; to learn their languages, killing them was frowned upon.  We couldn't make clothes, bedding, or tents without animal skins.  Also that forced into becoming vegetarian.  Eve used to make the most terrible fruit soup all the time.  I could hardly eat.  Where was I?
     Oh yes, the war.  Well we all left Eden because we really needed a change.  And were were very happy to be able to make our own clothes, get settled in homes, even cook proper food.  I remember I went out and butchered a large bull that very first day and made the most wonderful steaks.  We'd never been so happy.
Well, yes.  Now that you mention it, there was that incident with out teeth.  Now I told everyone what to expect, but no one listened.  There was a serious uproar for a few weeks, but it petered out.  Well, yes, our teeth did grow.  See these sharp teeth I have in the front?  Well none of had these incisor teeth for eating flesh back in Eden, we had very straight teeth like horses do.  I explained to everyone our genes had been repressed for the special life style we were forced to live there.  Once we left Eden, our meat eating teeth were allowed to grow just as they are supposed to be.  This didn't go over well.  Our schools then weren't as sophisticated as they are now.  No one understood science.  Many people woke up that first morning with new sharp teeth and fell over dead from fright.  Some ran off into the wilderness and we heard rumors of tribes of Cannibals warring and eating each other.  Eve of course used the wonder of it all to reinforce her snake cult.  Some people were afraid to sleep in case they might wake up with other changes or be bitten by an insane person in the night.  I called it Vampire Syndrome. 
     I counseled most of the young ones until they were able to see their new teeth as natural and necessary.  I set apart the most qualified as cattle ranchers and sheep and goat herders.  I taught them how to butcher meat into cuts.  Eve set about training many in cooking stew with vegetables and teaching farming and gardening.  It was all going so well. 
     I guess I really don't remember how the war started at all.  One day we were fairly evenly divided into two tribes and the next there was an all out war.  People from Abel began sharpening their shovels and hoes into spears.  People from Cain made whips, arrows, and armor.  The war lasted only a few days I should say.  We weren't many then.  The survivors from Abel stole all my writings on philosophy and religion.  They ran off to the North.  I and whoever remained from Cain settled here in Babble.  We branded ourselves with special tattoos on our foreheads to make sure no one from Abel could infiltrate our city unnoticed.
     We like the arid climate, and the vast amounts of clay in the soil have developed new trades of pottery, art, and brick making.  We are building a city.  Our best project is top secret, I can't tell you about it yet.  But you will be so impressed when I do.  Yes we are really the strongest people on earth--we must be-- because we overthrew Abel and its traitors, and rebuilt here the biggest city on Earth.  It's truly magnificent.  Have I shown you my thrown room?

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