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Polly Alice

Friday, October 8, 2010

Eve's Apples

How unfeeling you are
when you lose them,
rotting on the ground.

You gave yourself
in every bloom,
each rosy petaled down.

Now your labors
are russet mush,
vinegar for the soil.

The bees are drunk,
the flies are sunk,
from fruit that's gone to spoil.

How do you stand then,
old apple tree,
and see them fall to waste?

For unlike us,
your seeds will grow,
a star in every taste.

We can't plant
a tree of fruit when
our seed return to dust.

For when our labors
sleep beneath the earth
it's the end of us.

But you old sinner,
we can imitate
your heavy hopefulness.

If we sow our
dreams like fingered seeds
in those around our table.

We'll see love bloom
and root our hope to say
that He is able.

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  1. this is truly amazing. beautiful. masterful.
    soul feeding.


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