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Sunday, October 3, 2010

River Of Words

River of Words: Young Poets and Artists on the Nature of Things
I was completely undone by this book River of Words.  I opened to page twenty-five to find the most wonderful spare poem I could use to teach anyone to write poetry.  Looking down at the bottom of the page, I see it's written by two nine-year-olds.  Even the artwork is phenomenal.  I could have cried for an hour.  I may never write poetry or create art as satisfying as the work in this collection made by young people under the age of nineteen.
Pamela Michael and Robert Hass are the cofounders of this non-profit organization which runs this amazing annual contest for children.  With its themes of "watershed" and caring for the earth-- the poetry is to die for.  There publisher http://www.milkweed.org/ is awsome too.  Every teacher could benefit from the curriculum written by this poet laureate/ professor team.  The poem below printed as a winner in the 2008 edition.  It is in spanish and I've typed in the English translation paired with it.  It is written by Michelle Diaz Garza and Rosa Baum, both age 9.

"There is a Dark River

There is a dark river
In the gutter of the street
In front of my school.
It was born in the rain
And isn't flowing anymore.
It's sort of sad
With drops of gasoline
And a red wrapper
Some kid tossed
After eating a candy.
But although it's sad and filthy
It carries the shadow of my face
The tattered clouds
And in white and black
The whole sky."

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