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Polly Alice

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Spare me

Babies are born unable to walk, so they will
stay close to their mothers; learn love over adventure
and so they won't be so excited at the wide world they
might forget to eat and so to grow up.

Babies are born without teeth to spare their mothers who
gently teach them to nurse sweet milk, and with coos and love
pats, what humankind is about. Some say teething with
all its night terrors build tolerance to pain.

Babies are born unable to speak to spare everyone
seventeen odes a day on the wonders of  breast milk, blankets,
and sunshine, every single day for the first three hundred
and sixty five days of their lives.

and most importantly, to spare us their constant
amazement at the complexities of the human
digestive system with all its gas bubbles and
dozens of kinds of spillage out each end.

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