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Polly Alice

Monday, December 20, 2010


Dear Sandi,
I hope you read this and don't throw it away.  I'm sorry.  I know you took me in
when I was a foster kid.  You took me in after I was in juvie. And you took me in
when I should have been able to pay for a place of my own. You were a real
mother to me.  I hope you don't hate me for leaving without telling you why.
I lost my job.  Well I quit.  It didn't pay enough anyway and that Kirk was
a jerk.  You know.  I know you didn't need a 22 year old mouth to feed.
I took Sam with he since he was my dog from the beginning.
We're out on the road having adventers.  I thumbed a ride north to Kansas City.
Its a lot colder here than I expected. I wish I had a good coat.  And I'm stuck out here by the airport
where the trucker dumped me out.  I figure the city is at least thirty miles more south.  I didn't
really think things through.  I can't get a job without a place to live and I can't get a place to
live without a job.  Now that I've been buming around a few days, I can't get a strait anser
from anybody.   I probly smell. I asked people for money to ride the bus and they told me to get a job, or
go to the shelter.  I'd like to, if I could figur out where it is.  I finaly came to a library last night, but I didn't relize you can't look up any info on the computers without a local adress and all that.  I can't turn in my
heating bill from "behind-the-Chinese-Resterant dumpster" where Sam gets a good dinner.
And I can't get back to you very easy.  I don't know what to do, but I'm
going to walk on back south.  I figure I can get downtown in a couple of days if I'm careful.
Some random lady threw this paper at me out of her car window.  Well that's not
really true.  She gave me a blanket and inside was beef jerky and socks and this stamped
envelope.  I figure the only address I knew was yours.  So Merry Christmas.
Sam and I are doing okay.  We're finding out a lot about being homeless and
it suits me, being a foster kid and all.  Maybe I"ll write a book about it someday.
I'm sure I'll find work downtown and I can get a shower and some help at the men's shelter I keep hearing about.  I got their card from the library with a map.  Now if I don't do anything dislexic,
I'll be there soon, get a job, a  pay by the minute cell phone (all the homeless people have them now some guy told me) and I'll give you a call then.  Sorry, they don't have pay phones any more.  I guess I never noticed.
Tell Tom and the kids hello.  Hope Sara is enjoying my old room.

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