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Polly Alice

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

List #333

When we had little, I learned
how to take flour and water and add:

to make tortillas in the brown glazed
bowl I made on the potter's wheel.

to make spring roll wraps
for bowling ball cabbage
which never fits in the vegetable drawer.

to make pizza dough on those Sabbath
Friday nights, each a year apart

to make pie crust on Thanksgiving
from the Cinderella pumpkin
in the garden.

to make angel biscuits
light and fluffy, large and
whiter than air with the recipe
from the traveling truck show.

to make cookies
to roll and cut into hearts
with the cookie cutters you
gave me in the silver tin.

to make gravy for biscuits
or chicken pot pie with

to make white sauce for
seafood pasta casserole without the

to make manna cakes
when there is nothing else.

sustenance from nothing
blossoms to bread

with a bowl
we can accomplish anything.

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