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"Dazzle Gradually" 2017 poems, paintings, new art & photography--a diary, a discipline, a delight. Read over my shoulder as I post my unedited poetry ---you can see it in the raw or get my first book and see how the work evolves with new books rolling out next year.

Polly Alice

Saturday, June 11, 2011


Mitochondria, what are they?
Do they splash in a watery bay?
By the light of a Nucleus, play?
Mitochondria what are you?
What do you sing? What do you do?
How to you put the spring in each step
of each little cell from down in its depth?
Mitochondria what do you say?
Tell me your secret. Don't go away.
I will shrink small and we will have tea.
Just your little self and mere little me.
I'll learn your language, You'll teach me to run.
Mitochondria, you know, I think it'd be fun.

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