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Polly Alice

Monday, August 1, 2011

ADD Ramen Recipe

1. Run water and check temperature. Stop, no it's not a bath.
2. Run water into sauce pot.
2. Pour out water, you have broth ready.
3. Pour broth into sauce pot.
4. Open first package of ramen, break in half, dump in cold broth.
5. Catch little packet of msg before it lands in pot, and throw away.
6. Open second package of ramen, throw in broth.
7. Pull raw ramen back out and break in half, then throw back in. Keep a pattern here.
8. Pull little packet of msg out of broth and throw away.
9. Set sauce pot in stove.
10. Pull out of stove and place on burner.
11. Check that you've turned on right burner at least three times.
12. Cook for three minutes.
*Serve warm with little pieces of hot dogs thrown in.
**Say it's Chinese food.

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