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Polly Alice

Monday, August 1, 2011

When earrings talk...

So I admit
I've always said birds can talk,
I chatter back to squirrels,
try not to break mirrors.
look out where I walk.
I believed in fairies
til I was twenty-five
then knew they were
real again not too
much after.

I write down dreams
like prescriptions with
a large Rx at the top--
take notes whether I
fly time machines, rescue
kittens, or eat poisoned

But on Tuesday, walking through
the fabric store to make
a ten year quilt, my
eye was drawn to
turquoise, orange and red
stones lined up like traffic.
I had just said to myself,
Where do we go next?

"Go West" the earrings
read, and I laughed...
until I saw every plate
on the rack said the same,
"Go West."

Go West?

Now I'll have my
ears to blame, if they
are wrong, because
every footstep chokes
up more prairie dust
while those little
silver slung stones

go West

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