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Polly Alice

Friday, August 15, 2014


Those old bards, like dragons now extinct,
preserved memory in velvet purses of rhyme,
stitched with meter. Their fiery tales a breath
of vapor, have survived many fires.

Some insist memories stick to our subconscious
like stamps on a postcard with Jungian script--
Dear Ego, . . . . Love Id. Shipped through
blood lines or to the collective.

What do you say, where are our memories
archived--our senses, our walls, our clouds
and what if our pharmaceuticals or our servers
go wrong? What if our memory were lost?

Maybe control is a white dove, a mental dream
where solar flares and cosmic change have
only cool breath to blow. Where red
giants never wake, where carrier pidgeons fly.

So I will write a poem, one for each dream and one
for each memory. For every crinkled note honeyed
over in the hive of my mind, I will take it out,
smooth it over, squint at my illegible scrawls--
and from them write a story. A story about...

how we have all loved different things
a story about how we all have loved.

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