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Polly Alice

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Sedona Cantos 2008

Drink me--a curious label
to etch in glass. Do you
believe what labels say
Well I can learn five
impossible things
before breakfast
from what labels
do not. Sedona,
her red tumbler
peaks give me
vertigo as I sip
a curious drink
I believe there
must be words
for a very new
taste…pale ale
the afterthought
of green olives
the soft hint of 
rubber sole
bubbles float
ever upward in
excelsior like Sedona
your peaks full of wonder

I feel a bit like a second grader when I create a poem with form, but it really satisfies the artist in me to shape a poem about the subject is speaks to.  Here is a tumbler shape in honor of the first time I ever tasted beer in Sedona, Arizona.  I didn't become a beer drinker, but I enjoyed that first taste more than the poem lets on-- just for it's novelty. 

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