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Monday, September 22, 2014

ADD and Me

So my most viewed poems from 2010 were all about ADD.  My favorite, and the one with the most clicks, is the one where I typed absolutely nothing.  A poem about ADD was the title, but there were no words in the actual poem.  So, yes, that does mean that the most popular poem of all time on this blog has no words. hmmm. I'll have to think about that one.  In my high school, I remember someone turned in a blank paper for the essay on 'why the whiteness factor of the whale was so frightening' in the novel Moby Dick.  I remember they got an A grade on that one.

Well after several years of getting treated for ADD and reading everything I could find on it (see my goodreads shelf on the subject) it turns out I don't have ADD. Well maybe a little. But I passed a 21 minute focus test that cost quite a bit of money.  Turns out my memory loss and inability to focus were simply "from stress." Go figure. I guess I was first diagnosed when I was recovering from a house fire, getting my M.A. in writing and also pregnant. That might do something to one's brain.

So now I'm off ADD meds and only take fish oil and my gluten free diet-- and I'm pretty much focused.  Enough anyway for a poet. If poets never lost their focus there would never be any poems. So...enough out of focus to wonder what a rose would be called if it had another name, or to notice a shooting star might not really be a star--that's a good thing. We all can't just polish our ovens all day. And on that thought, here is a tiny poem on the subject.

Add and Me

Fish oil for my memory
works magic no one can see
my thoughts swim like little koi
in fantasy's red currant stream
under plans-- high Dragon Gate!
My past plays the scale, Le Fin
My future flies with wings and eyes
--with a little fire thrown in

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