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"Dazzle Gradually" 2017 poems, paintings, new art & photography--a diary, a discipline, a delight. Read over my shoulder as I post my unedited poetry ---you can see it in the raw or get my first book and see how the work evolves with new books rolling out next year.

Polly Alice

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Ghosts in the Chick Peas

There are ghosts in the chick peas,
their own memories of clouds and sky,
they float in the bowl along side
their brothers.

I feel for them, for the chick peas--
I know what it's like to wonder
how many times I'll have
to go under to come out clean.

I know what it's like to be forced
to reconstitute, to become
what you once were or
as close to it as you can get.

And when I'm baptized, I too, see
the ghosts of my old self rise up.
They ask me what I would wish
for if I were new again?

I tell them, it doesn't matter
because their doom is certain
while I, newly alive, may become
any dish I'd like.

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